Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Literacy and Learning Project

CCDC launched this three-year “Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Literacy and Learning Project” funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in September 2018 to give Hong Kong primary and secondary school students their first encounter with contemporary dance. Through an innovative programme of school tour performances, guided appreciation and experiential workshops, the project lays the groundwork for developing interest and appreciation for the arts. This project targets all eligible primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

The project includes:
  1. “Dance out of the Box 2.0” Contemporary Dance School Tour
  2. Guided Appreciation of Professional Contemporary Dance Production
  3. Contemporary Dance Workshops

Resonate with your body and bring more thought to modern dance

Every movement has meaning. Those who see it will react according to their current mood. When watching modern dance, do not worry about whether you can understand it. Try to open your heart, cast away limits, let dance resonate with your body and accept that resonance, so as to feel the shock that is brought on by the body, and hence, initiate more thinking.

We believe that contemporary dance has three qualities:

  • The expression of personality — respecting for diversity and different opinions

  • The pursuit of innovation — accepting new things and trying to adapt to a new lifestyle

  • Concern for the Time — learning to communicate and tolerate in the face of dissenting groups

These three qualities help us establish a sound social value, so that individuals, societies, and nations can develop and enjoy robust growth.

Willy Tsao, Founder of CCDC

Modern dance, Contemporary dance

Is it abstract: Hard to understand?

Nothing matters

The important thing is that you can enjoy the present moment

Everyone is unique

Feelings come from your own heart

There is no right or wrong

It matters only when something is experienced, touched and enjoyed

Choreographer, Peggy LAM

To appreciate a person, whether it is others or oneself, requires a bit of wisdom and a little courage. To obtain wisdom is to activate your mind and acquire endless knowledge. To obtain courage is to open your mind and understand and practice tolerance.

To appreciate art, you do not have to follow any standard path. The most important thing is the process. Everyone is unique, so everyone can define and create their own art. You don’t need to be constrained by rules; dance to the rules of your own making. Dance out of the box!

Dance Out of the Box 2.0 Director, Melissa LEUNG

Words from teachers